Delay Hearing Because I Don’t Like Flying

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The woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both minors is attempting to delay testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee until late next week because she says she doesn’t like flying in an airplane.

The Republicans on the committee have offered Christine Ford the chance to testify in a hearing on Wednesday, restrict the cameras in the room to one, and have her be questioned by outside legal counsel. She has until the end of today to accept or reject these terms, according to Politico.

But Ford has been pushing to delay the hearing until Thursday because she does not like to fly, according to CNN. Ford does not enjoy being in enclosed spaces, her friends told the network. They intimated to the news network that her dislike of small spaces and planes is due to trauma she has experienced.

Republicans on the committee have offered to fly out to California or anywhere else that is convenient for Ford — eliminating the need for her to fly. Thus it is not necessary for Ford to drive across the country to be heard by the committee, which raises questions about why she is requesting to delay the committee hearing.

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