The cost of healthcare in the USA really is a serious problem… And not for just poor people either… In fact, a poor person I know gets free healthcare… I am a wealthy, self-employed, business person, and I make over $300,000 per year – – I pay $600 per month for my health insurance premiums. I don’t often worry about paying bills… But recently one of my children got a small cut near there eye while they were playing and, to be safe, they needed antibiotics.

As I headed to the hospital pharmacy to pick up the prescription, I had my wallet out, ready to pay, ready to be efficient and get in and out of the hospital… My name was called, when I went up to the counter they informed me that the antibiotics would be $451… That’s unreal! Antibiotics should be around $30… or, just free to be real… I will pay the $451 if it’s absolutely necessary, but it was a huge drain on my spirit… The pharmacist offered to look up if there was a alternative antibiotic, which there was… It was only $125, but there was a chance that my child could have an allergic reaction to this other medicine and not be able to breathe… They said it’s maybe a 10% chance… So I had to weigh the difference of $325, with a 10% chance that my child might not be able to breathe…

Even as a somewhat well off family in the United States, healthcare is still a huge problem… That was probably The one time that I went to the hospital the entire year and my total healthcare bill was nearing $8000… If someone were to seriously get sick, that could be a major disaster.

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