Is North Korea going to denuclearize?


At the beginning of 2018, many people in the United States feared a nuclear attack by the leader of North Korea. Donald Trump promised the United States that he would solve that problem.

The first quarter of the year it appear that Donald Trump had fulfilled his promise as he travel to meet with North Korea and talk with their leader and signed a contract between the two… Kim Jong Un promised to “denuclearize“ in exchange for Donald Trump lifting sanctions against North Korea.

Kim Jong Un appears to be sincere in his plans to reunify the Korean Peninsula… And he has taken steps to fulfill the contract that he signed with Donald Trump. Here we are in the final quarter of 2018 and North Korea has wholy fulfilled their promise and now they look to Donald Trump to fulfill his promise of relieving sanctions.

Although we cannot trust the leader of North Korea until we have verifiable evidence that they have gotten rid of their nuclear program, so far things have been at peace and it appears Donald Trump has done a good job and it appears, at least on the surface, that North Korea is very interested in peace.

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