Enjoy The Right Volume Every Time With This DualStream Audio Transmitter

Although it doesn’t often happen — whether it’s politics, sports, or anything between — it is possible for two people to get what they want without sacrificing each of their personal aims. With the DualStream S1 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, you can wirelessly stream high-quality digital audio from your TV to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers for an uncompromising audio experience.

Normally $40, this audio transmitter is 12 percent off

Normally $40, this audio transmitter is 12 percent off

This audio transmitter makes it easy to enjoy your favorite entertainment at the perfect sound level — here’s how it works. Just plug the gadget into an RCA or 3.5mm stereo audio output. Then, connect and stream audio from your TV — no matter if it’s the game, a Netflix show, or a cable movie — straight to your headphones or speakers. Using the volume settings for each connected device, adjust the audio level to your desired setting and voilà — you and whoever you’re with can tune in precisely the way you like without interrupting the other person’s listening experience.

On top of that, this audio transmitter delivers an excellent sound experience without any hiccups. Unlike other transmitters that are prone to delays — such as seeing a character’s mouth move before he or she speaks — this powerful gadget uses Bluetooth 4.0, Qualcomm aptX, and aptX low latency technology for distortion-free digital audio up to 30 feet away.


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