Four NFL Players Detained Overseas For Absurd Reason. Here’s What Allegedly Happened

David Hookstead | Reporter

Multiple members of the Jacksonville Jaguars were detained by British police officers Saturday prior to their game against the Eagles.

Defensive backs Ronnie Harrison, Barry Church, D.J.Hayden and Jarrod Wilson were all detained at The London Reign after apparently not paying a massive bill.

TMZ reported the following details:

The bar claims the guys ordered up a ton of champagne and vodka and didn’t pay for it. The guys say they were SENT a ton of bottles while hanging at the club and assumed the bottles were comped. 

Either way, the bottles were on the check — and the players refused to pay. The guys were confronted by bar security, an argument broke out and cops were called. 

Reports out of England say the bill was more than $50,000!!!!

In the end, the players were detained … but later released without charges after they worked out a deal with the club to resolve the bill dispute.

To put this in perspective for all of you, Church has made more than $25 million in his career and is making $5 million this year alone. A $50,000 bill split four ways is $12,500 a person. Is that a lot of money to be spending at a bar?

However, given the fact they all have very large salaries, you’d think just paying off the tab would be a hell of a lot easier than getting detained in a foreign country prior to a game. (RELATED: Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Jaguars Game. The Video Is Wild)

The other very obvious question that has to be asked is why in the world were these men out before a game? If I’m the owner or a coach, I’d be more pissed off about the fact they were apparently boozing it up than I would about skipping out on a bill. A large bar tab is nothing for an NFL team to come in and take care of. The reported amount of money is a rounding error for an NFL team on a budget sheet.

These four should probably be suspended just because of their own stupidity if these claims are true. On the other hand, don’t bet on it. No NFL team is putting a large chunk of its secondary on the bench. It’s just not going to happen.

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