Learn How To Play The Piano With This Course That Is Over $150 Off

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Whether you want to play for yourself, join a band, or be the life of every party, there’s plenty to gain from learning the piano. But, rather than spending a lot on private music lessons, consider a fresh approach that costs you as much as a meal. With Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard, sound like a pro from the start with an innovative approach to learning.

Normally $200, this piano course is 94 percent off

Normally $200, this piano course is 94 percent off

Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard on sale for $10.99

This modern approach to learning the piano and keyboard is far different than the lessons you may have taken as a kid. For starters, you’ll go from a beginner level to an intermediate one right away, launching your music education with popular rhythm style piano. Meaning, you get to sound like a pro straight from the start when practicing melodies composed by Billy Joel, Norah Jones, and so many others. With rhythm piano under your belt, you’ll then expand your understanding with step-by-step instructions for ballads, blues, jazz, classical, and other styles, setting you up for an engaging, rewarding musical journey.

On top of all that, this online course — which has more than 160,000 students enrolled — helps you refine your musical talent in other ways. Beyond the 10 hours included in this course, you’ll also get access to nine ebooks to further your education, diving into more advanced music theory as well as covering topics such as chords and inversions.

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