Learn To Master The Microsoft Suite For Less Than $30

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Whether you’re a busy adult looking to make a career change or a student hoping to improve your resume, it’s a smart idea to invest in the educational material that will give you a leg up on the competition. With the A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle, master today’s top office tools from the comfort of home and learn advanced techniques for today’s modern workforce.

Normally $1,600, this Microsoft Office bundle is 98 percent off

Normally $1,600, this Microsoft Office bundle is 98 percent off

A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle on sale for $29

This eight-course bundle teaches you everything you need to know about the Microsoft software suite. For starters, you’ll dive into courses that extensively cover flagship software, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Meaning, you’ll learn about Vlookup, PivotTable, and Macros in Excel to boost your productivity and spreadsheet skills, ensuring you don’t get left behind in our data-driven world. What’s more, you’ll get familiar with Word, adding business reports, newsletters, and business forms all to your professional repertoire in a few hours. Plus, thanks to a dedicated PowerPoint design course, you can gain the confidence to present on any subject matter, while wowing your audience with a sleek presentation.

On top of all that, this bundle — which features 35+ hours of instructional video content — teaches you how to use cross-software features for an even more significant impact. This means you’ll learn the ins and outs of applying Excel to PowerPoint, Access, and others in creating useful, data-driven materials for yourself and your employer.

Get the eight-course bundle for $29 in The Daily Caller Shop. 


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