Met police fear violent clashes over march by far-right ‘Brexit Betrayal’ militants

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The Met says it will adopt a “robust” policy to keep the two sides apart while still allowing them to exercise their right to free speech and assembly.

It says it will come down hard on any attempts to breach the conditions of the route and provoke violence between the two sides.

Groups opposing the far-right say the likes of Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, have hijacked the issue of Brexit and called on people from both sides of the debate to oppose his divisive ideology.

They point out that Robinson’s march will be the latest in a series of far-right protests which have featured Nazi salutes and insignia, and which have been followed by attacks on trade unionists, a Mosque and Gurdwara.

Labour’s Shadow chancellor  John McDonnell has called on party supporters to join the counter-protest and “stand firm” against “the poison Robinson is trying to inject into our politic”.

He said: “This march isn’t about Brexit, it’s about far right extremists dressing up in suits and pretending to be respectable. It doesn’t matter whether you voted leave or remain, Tommy Robinson doesn’t represent you.”

Professor Michael Rosen, the writer and former Children’s Laureate, said: “Two generations ago, in France and Poland, my family was ripped apart by fascists and their collaborators, with lives ended in the orgy of hate and brutality that raged across Europe.

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