Prosecutors: Nxivm Sex-cult Leader Keith Raniere ‘had sex with a 15-year-old slave’ When he was 48

Accused of locking a woman in a room for two YEARS when she refused to sleep with him and approved of incest’

Keith Raniere will appear in federal court on Thursday, where a judge will rule on his second bid for bail.

The founder of Nxivm submitted papers hoping to be released on bond, and in response the prosecution pointed to many of the allegations they made about the man when he was first indicted earlier this year as well as some shocking new claims.

These include the fact that Raniere had spoken in favor of incest, said gang rape was acceptable if the woman had an orgasm, and engaged in sexual relations with at least one underage member of his cult.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.