It Begins: Man Spared Charge For Stabbing Unborn Baby Due To New York Abortion Law

Brutally murdering unborn babies no longer a crime in Dem-run state.

A Queens man who beat and stabbed his pregnant girlfriend and her baby to death was spared abortion charges thanks to New York’s recently-enacted abortion law.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown initially released a statement saying 48-year-old Anthony Hobson would be charged with murder and abortion for the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend Jennifer Irigoyen earlier this month.

“A woman was brutally stabbed — killing her and the unborn child,” Brown said in the statement. “The defendant is alleged to have shown no mercy and no regard for human life when he repeatedly and purposely plunged a knife into this expectant mother’s abdomen, torso and neck.”

But a DA spokesperson later revised the charges, noting that the abortion charge “was repealed by the Legislature, and this is the law as it exists today.”

Authorities believe Hobson was directly targeting the baby because he didn’t want to be a father.

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the “Reproductive Health Act” into law – to a chorus of applause on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wadelegalizing abortion up to the moment of a full-term delivery.

Additionally, the updated legislation removes the state fetal homicide law from the criminal code.

“As I said in my floor speech, being assaulted (or in this case murdered) and losing your baby is not ‘a woman’s choice,’” said Republican New York Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.

“It’s been only two weeks and we already see the first victim of a poorly crafted law.”

Elizabeth Johnson of joins Alex Jones live via Skype to announce a National Day of Mourning in honor of all unheard victims of abortion as well as the many post-birth abortion victims to come after New York lawmakers signed legislation that would allow doctors to kill healthy babies after the timely exit from their mother’s womb. It’s time for America to repent for our abortion sins.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.