Report: Trump to Sign Executive Order to Allocate More Funds For Wall

President wants to avoid government shutdown

President Trump will sign an executive order to allocate more federal funds to build a border wall, reports multiple media outlets.

Recent news suggests that the president will also sign the new budget presented by Congress to avoid a government shutdown, but will also use executive action to bring in border wall funding beyond the $1.375 billion given by Congress under the new deal.

“In an interesting twist, it looks like Trump has decided on a middle path that will allow him to keep the government open while getting more of his border wall built than Congress had initially authorized,” reported Zero Hedge. “According to WaPo, Trump will use an executive order to reallocate federal funds to finance the wall – or at least something more than the 55 miles that the compromise bill would finance.”

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.