Kellyanne Conway’s husband is trying to tell the public Trump is mentally ill. She doesn’t agree

“No, I don’t share those concerns,” the official told reporters on Monday when questioned about her husband George Conway’s weekend tweets calling into doubt Trump’s mental state.

The divide has at times drawn Trump’s ire — “He’s just trying to get publicity for himself,” he told reporters in November — yet the split persists.

This weekend, as Trump was lobbing his own Twitter invective in all directions, George Conway responded with screengrabs showing the medical definitions of narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

“*All* Americans should be thinking seriously *now* about Trump’s mental condition and psychological state, including and especially the media, Congress—and the Vice President and Cabinet,” he wrote.

On Sunday, he stated simply: “His condition is getting worse.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that sentiment was not repeated by the half of the Conway couple that works inside the White House.

“I have four kids and I was getting them out of the house this morning to talk to the President about substance so I may not be up to speed on all of them (his tweets),” she told reporters on the White House North Lawn after appearing on Fox News.

She didn’t go further, though George Conway has said before that his wife does not appreciate the public Trump criticism he’s taken to on Twitter.

“I don’t think she likes it,” he told host Michael Isikoff on the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery” in November. “But I’ve told her, I don’t like the administration, so it’s even.”

He also noted they aren’t the only Washington couple who disagree on politics.

It wasn’t always that way; George Conway, a conservative lawyer, was once under consideration for a top job in Trump’s Justice Department. He later withdrew from consideration.

In November, he helped co-found Checks and Balances, a group of conservative and libertarian lawyers who are critical of Trump’s approach on legal and political institutions.


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