Describing Self as ‘Patriot’ Could Land You on Watch List, British Army Warns Troops

Bingo-style cheat sheet inaccurate generalizes soldiers who call themselves patriots as “racists”

Soldiers who describe themselves as “patriots” could end up on an “extreme right-wing” watch list, according to a cheat sheet of “indicators & warnings” reportedly published by the British Army.

The Bingo-style cheat sheet, which appeared on Zero Hedge, generalizes service members who think of themselves as “patriots” as racists who hold “extreme right-wing” views.

The flyer also claims that service members who talk to colleagues “in closed social media groups” or make “inaccurate generalizations” about the government are also worth monitoring as potential “extreme right-wingers” who harbor racism.

Of course, the irony here is that the flyer is making inaccurate generalizations about people who call themselves “patriots” while warning others to be on the look out for those who make “inaccurate generalizations” about the government.

“So, if you consider yourself a patriot who talks to people in closed social media groups, have scary tattoos or stickers, or make ‘inaccurate’ comments about the left or government, you may be an extreme right-winger,” Zero Hedge stated.

This brings to mind the wildly-criticized 2009 Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report which generalized Ron Paul supporters as potential domestic terrorists.

That report likewise instructed law enforcement to be on the lookout for drivers with Ron Paul bumper stickers because the report claimed they could be dangerous individuals.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.