Cowboys For Trump March & Protest In DC Against Illegal Immigration – NewsWars

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Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes and Americans For Legal Immigration PAC are among the patriot groups marching on Washington DC to show Congress what they think of their inaction on border security and the economic migrant crisis.

“The purpose of the ride and the protest is to call on President Trump to take decisive action to secure our Southern border (especially as Commander-in-Chief), stop the mass influx into the U.S. of so-called asylum seekers (most of whom have no legitimate asylum claim), and to NOT grant amnesty to the tens of millions of illegals already here,” reads the Oathkeeper website.  

“This is an existential threat to our constitutional Republic.”

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Matt Bracken breaks down how reports of increased illegal immigrant traffic from Mexico into the U.S. include a growing number of migrants from Africa, somehow taken to South America on a boat, who happen to be leaving a severe Ebola outbreak back on their home continent.

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