Left-Wing Journalist Says Delay of Harriet Tubman $20 Dollar Bill Proof of “White Supremacy”

New note actually delayed for security reasons.

A left-wing journalist with the Atlantic and scores of others believe that the delay of the new $20 dollar bill – which was set to see abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman replace Andrew Jackson – is evidence of the Trump’s administration’s “white supremacy”.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed last month that the design of the note would be delayed for technical reasons by six years.

The New York Times claims (with no evidence) that Trump “had intervened to keep his favorite president, Andrew Jackson, a fellow populist, on the front of the note.”

The working design was released today, prompting many leftists to assert that the delay was proof of Trump’s racism.

“The Tubman thing is among the least damaging bad things the Trump administration has done, but the fact that they put so much effort into preventing a *wholly ornamental* gesture against white supremacy tells you a lot about where they’re coming from,” tweeted the Atlantic’s Adam Serwer.

“Further evidence that Trump and his administration officials are racist,” said Dallas Blackburn.

“Worried that the president, because he’s an unhinged racist appealing to racists, will embarrass you and himself by canceling the commemoration of a great American hero, you cancel it preemptively and lie about it,” claimed Kurt Andersen.

“The Trump administration is delaying honoring Harriet Tubman to appease racists,” asserted another Twitter user.

However, according to the Trump administration, the delay has nothing to do with politics.

“Let me assure you, this speculation that we’ve slowed down the process is just not the case,” said Steven Mnuchin.

“There is a group of experts that’s interagency, including the Secret Service and others and B.E.P., that are all career officials that are focused on this,” he said, emphasizing that the release of the new note is dependent on the implementation of new security features.

But don’t let the facts get in the way of another opportunity to whip up race-based hysteria about “white supremacy”.


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Cornelius Rupert T.