‘Fredo’ Is The New ‘N-Word’ And Other Stupid Things Liberals Say

On today’s show we discuss both sides of CNN’s Chris Cuomo going off in public on a guy who called him “Fredo” over the weekend and filmed it. Also, Joe Biden’s gaffes are worrying his staff, new rules requiring immigrants to be able to take care of themselves have liberals upset, and police in the UK warn people that making fun of a drug dealer’s hair could land them in jail. Yes, seriously.

Listen to the show:

He unquestioningly thought he was being “cute,” but when a guy called CNN’s Chris Cuomo “Fredo,” Cuomo lost it. In an obscenity-laced tirade, Cuomo threatened, among other things, to throw him down some stairs. Cuomo’s freak out is understandable, to a degree, he was just trying to have a nice time out with his family. But CNN has cheered when conservatives have been harassed at their homes and in restaurants, so it’s hard to have sympathy. On top of it all, Cuomo declared calling him “Fredo” to be the equivalent of the N-word, which is insane. It’s also odd considering he’s sat silently as a guest on his show used “Fredo” to describe Donald Trump Jr. on his show just a few months ago. We have the audio and analysis.

That Joe Biden is a gaffe machine is not new, or news. What is new is how clustered his gaffes are becoming, and this has his campaign staff worried. Is he too old to be president? And why hasn’t the media asked for Biden to pledge to only serve one term because of his age the way they did with John McCain in 2008, when McCain was 5 years younger than Biden is now? We get into it.

The Trump administration is going to enforce rules requiring green card recipients never have been on public assistance, and this has the left upset. But is it really too much to ask that people we allow to live in the country be able to support themselves? We discuss.

Police is one UK town warned citizens who were mocking the hair in a wanted drug dealer’s mugshot on social media that they might face criminal charges. People think the UK is like the US, but it’s not. While the left would like nothing more than to make criminal anything they label as “hate speech,” we are there…yet. We explain.

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