Google Considered Manipulating Translation Of ‘Covfefe’

“Covfefe” translated to “I will stand up” in Arabic.

Documents leaked by a google insider have revealed a plan internal to Google to change the default translation of “covfefe” when President Donald Trump first coined the term in a since-deleted tweet in 2017.

The leaks, published by James O’Keefe III’s organization, Project Veritas, show, among dozens of important revelations about political bias at Google, that engineers in the company had planned for launch an alternative translation of the term “covfefe.”

Google Translate, the tool that allows users to enter any text and have it translated to dozens of other languages, senses the word “covfefe” as an arabic word when the term is entered. This translates to “I will stand up” normally.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.