Hurricane Dorian Shifts Course, Strengthens to Category 4

Winds have reached 145 mph, according to National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Dorian changed course slightly on Saturday as it bears down on the Bahamas, putting its trajectory toward the Carolinas rather than Florida as previously forecast.

“There’s been a notable change overnight to the forecast of #Dorian after Tuesday,” the National Hurricane Center tweeted. “It should be stressed that the new forecast track does not preclude Dorian making landfall on the Florida coast, as large portions of the coast remain in the track cone of uncertainty.”

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis warned residents to “complete all hurricane preparedness” before Dorian hits on Sunday as a Category 4.

“Those who refuse to evacuate place themselves in very great danger…Do not put your life and those of your loved ones at unnecessary risk,” Minnis said Friday. “Do not be foolish and try to brave out this hurricane. The price you may pay for not evacuating is your life.”

Dorian’s sustained wind speed was measured at 145 MPH, according to the NHC update on Saturday.

President Trump warned the Carolinas on Saturday to be prepared for the possibility of Dorian making landfall on their shores next week.

“Looking like our great South Carolina could get hit MUCH harder than first thought. Georgia and North Carolina also. It’s moving around and very hard to predict, except that it is one of the biggest and strongest (and really wide) that we have seen in decades. Be safe!” he tweeted.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.