Leftist Arrested After Throwing Molotov Cocktail Into DHS Facility

Marks second firebomb attack on government facility in 2 months.

A female leftist was arrested Friday after allegedly hurling a Molotov cocktail into a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) facility in Oakland Park, Florida.

From Fox News:

Authorities said the unidentified woman walked into the office in Oakland Park — about 33 miles north of Miami — and hurled a bottle of gasoline with a lit fuse. But the fuse detached from the bottle before it could ignite, according to a report of the incident sent to administration officials and viewed by The Associated Press. No major injuries were reported.

Acting Director of USCIS Ken Kuccinelli released a statement on Twitter condemning the attack and the far-left rhetoric fueling the recent violence against government facilities.

“Today’s attempted attack on one of our USCIS facilities using a Molotov cocktail is another example of the use of violence in place of debate by those who oppose the proper application of our immigration laws,” he said.

“This is the 2d attack on a DHS facility in 2 months using a Molotov cocktail. Violence has no place in our society. Thankfully, no one was hurt today. We’re grateful to our security guards & the law enforcement officers of FPS who apprehended and arrested the assailant,” Cuccinelli wrote.

This marks the second firebomb attack against government facilities in two months.

Last month, Antifa member Willem Van Spronsen was killed while assaulting an ICE facility with firebombs in Tacoma, Washington.

He left behind a manifesto mirroring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s anti-ICE rhetoric, characterizing ICE processing facilities as “concentration camps.”

A San Antonio ICE office was also targeted by leftists earlier this month, where multiple rounds were fired into the building.

Video out of T’bilisi, Georgia shows the moment a large woman snaps and randomly stabs a three-year-old child in the face as he walks down a sidewalk holding his mother’s hand.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.