Leading biologist: God is ‘hack’ we need even if he doesn’t exist

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(PREMIER) Brett Weinstein, US biologist and one of the leading voices in the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’, has suggested that believing in God and following religious practice can be the ‘hack’ humans need to choose between right and wrong, despite admitting he doesn’t believe in the existence of a supernatural deity.

The debate, released on Friday 13 Sep, features Weinstein in conversation with Professor Alister McGrath and explores the question “Religion: Useful Fiction or Ultimate Truth?” and was filmed in front of a live audience at The Institute of Mechanical Engineers in Westminster, London. It is the first episode to be released in the second season of The Big Conversation from Premier Christian Radio’s faith debate show Unbelievable?. The first season had over 5 million engagements across video, podcast, broadcast and print.

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