No Joke: Phoenix Hosts Doggy Drag Show

By 2019 some thought we’d have flying cars, but instead…

Last month, we warned you about deadly blue-green algae in lakes and ponds killing dogs across the nation.

Now, canines face a new challenge – what to wear on the catwalk.

An organization called Downtown Phoenix is hosting a “Doggy Drag Show” Tuesday night “complete with cocktails, kibble, a runway show and more.”

“It’s time for your handsome doggo to bust out his finest dress and wig,” reads an event page.

While Drag Queen Story Hour and Drag Kids events aim to sexualize children, critics slammed the event for “dragging” innocent pups into the mix.

At least the Doggy Drag Show is for a good cause – proceeds will go to support the Arizona Humane Society.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.