The Tyranny Behind Free Healthcare

Ultimate break down of the Democrat debate & the dangerous policies that were advertised

Only ten Democrats were allowed on the stage for the latest installment of the Clown World Debates. Alex Jones, Robert Barnes, Owen Shroyer, Will Johnson, Tom Pappert, Millie Weaver and Harrison Smith do their best not to vomit while covering the Democrat candidates vowing to bankrupt the county, open the borders, and take your firearms.

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The Tyranny Behind Free Healthcare

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A Freedom-Based Alternative to The ACLU and SPLC Announced

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Alex Jones Goes 1776 On Gun Grabbing Democrats

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Reporters Offer To Buy Back Guns While Exposing The Racism Behind Disarming Americans

Reporters Owen Shroyer, Harrison Smith, Will Johnson, and Tom Pappert offer to buy back peoples’ guns who want to get rid of them and the racism behind anti-gun laws.

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