Behemoth Frontman Attacked By Woke Left For ‘Black Metal Against Antifa’ T-Shirt

‘I’m concerned about damage they make to the scene,’ he says.

The frontman for Polish black metal band Behemoth sparked controversy among the “woke” left after he posted a t-shirt on social media denouncing the violent far-left group Antifa.

Behemoth singer and guitarist Adam “Nergal” Darski triggered the “woke” left after posting two pictures of a “Black Metal Against Antifa” t-shirt on Instagram.

The t-shirt design shows a figure pointing a gun at the back of a kneeling figure, while the back of the shirt says: “Kill them. Show no mercy. Fuck Antifa!”

Darski clarified his intent of the provocative imagery and message, and even said he agreed with some of Antifa’s tenets.

“Some people got confused by this post. Well, when I make anti-government comments, it doesn’t mean I’m anti-Polish. It actually means I love Poland because I care about it,” Darski wrote on Instagram.

“When I post someone wearing an anti-Antifa shirt, it doesn’t make me a Nazi supporter. I’m concerned about damage they make to the scene. The ideals are OK, but the execution of them is utterly incompetent.”

“Here comes the great paradox: Antifascist organization being fascists themselves. Do you agree or…?”

Darski made headlines in 2018 when he questioned the inherent goodness of human nature.

“There’s hipster in each one of you,” he said during a podcast. “This is going to be very controversial for some people, but I bet there’s Adolf Hitler in each one of you as well, maybe a little per cent. We are everything.”

Though the shirt’s imagery is provocative, unsurprisingly because its owner is the frontman for a Satanic black metal band, violence is central to Antifa’s philosophy which encourages violence to reach their political goals of a communist Utopia and destruction of capitalism.




All music written and performed by John Mollusk. Inspired by, and all lyrics by Greta Thunberg.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.