Dog owners live longer, study finds

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(STUDY FINDS) — DALLAS — Breakthroughs in modern medicine over the past few decades have revolutionized healthcare as we know it. All that being said, sometimes a little love and affection goes a long way too. And who are the absolute champions of unconditional love? Man’s best friend, of course. According to new research, dog ownership may be associated with a longer lifespan and improved cardiovascular health, particularly among heart attack and stroke survivors who live alone.

A great deal of previous research has already established that living alone and neglecting physical activity can have an adverse effect on cardiovascular health and risk factors. Furthermore, prior research has also illustrated that owning a dog can help alleviate feelings of loneliness, improve physical activity, and lower blood pressure. So, researchers conducted a study and a separate analysis of prior research to investigate how owning a dog may impact an individual’s overall and cardiovascular health.

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