Red Alert: Supreme Court Rules Against 2nd Amendment in Devastating Opinion

This ruling is designed to systematically bankrupt every gun manufacturer in the United States & destroy all manufacturer liability protections when third-parties misuse product

The US Supreme Court denied a request to review a case against Remington Arms, a ruling which overturns the very foundation of society by making companies guilty of behavior by end users:

More from the Washington Times:

The justices denied Remington’s request to review the case as it carries on in Connecticut courts.

The gun manufacturer had challenged the legal battle against it, saying federal law generally prohibits lawsuits against gun sellers and manufacturers when criminal use results from such a sale.

The same law firm suing Remington Arms is also suing Alex Jones, which means that the First Amendment is as threatened as the Second.

The lawyer representing Remington, Scott Keller, said the lawsuit against the manufacturer “is exactly the kind of case arising from a criminal’s misuse of a firearm that ‘may not be brought in any federal or state court.’”

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.