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A senior Joe Biden adviser who once mocked “poor white people” after a Trump supporter was beaten up in 2016 asserts that Biden never called a voter “fat”.

During an event in New Hampton, Iowa yesterday, Biden lashed out at a voter who said he was too old and questioned Biden’s role in his son getting a gas company job in Ukraine.

“Look, fat, look, here’s the deal…” responded Biden.

However, according to Biden adviser Symone Sanders, the former Vice President never uttered the word “fat.”

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“To be clear: Any assertion VP Biden said a word about the gentleman’s appearance is making this something it is not. In the latter part of the exchange, the VP began to say “Look, facts” then said “here’s the deal.” If you’ve been to a Biden event, you’ve heard this before,” she tweeted.

However, Trump’s Deputy Director of Communications, Zach Parkinson, wasn’t buying it, tweeting in response, “This is a lie. It’s on video. Biden said “fat” not “facts”.

Respondents on Twitter largely sided with Parkinson, believing that Biden did indeed use the word “fat” to describe the voter.


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