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Two people were fatally shot outside a nightclub in Norrköping, Sweden, as gang violence continues to plague the country.

The incident took place outside a nightclub shortly before police were alerted at 1:2o a.m. and found two men outside of the nightclub with gunshot wounds. The victims were rushed to a nearby hospital, but police said they died of their injuries a short time later, Aftonbladet reports.

“I heard gunshots and went. There were two people shot in the street just outside,” a witness told the newspaper. Investigators say the two men were residents of Östergötland county and Örebro county, and both were in their forties.

While police initially brought in a person for questioning around an hour after the shooting, they were released two hours later with investigators saying the person was not a suspect in the case.

The two fatal shootings came only days after a 25-year-old man was shot dead in the multicultural city of Malmö. So far, police have arrested two people in connection with the murder and said the victim was linked to gang crime through his older brother who led a criminal gang.

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