Speaker at Christian college tells students: Use churches to hide illegals

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(CAMPUS REFORM) — A speaker invited to speak about religious matters at a Michigan Christian university encouraged students to make their home churches “sanctuary sanctuaries” to aid illegal immigrants in evading law enforcement, citing his discovery that ICE typically will not raid a church.

James Standish, a speaker for the Oct. 17 semi-required religious event at Andrews University, a Seventh Day Adventist college, used his speaking opportunity to promote his political views from a religious perspective. Among other issues, Standish urged for the use of churches as “sanctuary sanctuaries” to shelter illegal aliens from deportation.

The “University Forum” event fulfilled a co-curricular requirement placed on students at Andrews. While the particular event was not mandatory, students are required to attend a certain number of such events each term. Standish drew moral parallels between those currently harboring illegal aliens, the Underground Railroad, and those who hid Jews during the Nazi era.

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