Year: 2020

NHS Requires Recently Retired Doctors to Have “Diversity Training” Before They’re Allowed to Administer Vaccines

Recently retired doctors are being prevented from helping administer COVID-19 vaccines because the NHS requires them to have “diversity training” and knowledge of “radicalisation.”Yes, really. 40,000 doctors and nurses applied to return to the NHS back in March at the start of the pandemic but only 5,000 had been given jobs by July, according to […]

‘No Mask Allowed’ at Florida Gun Shop

A firearms dealer in Florida has banned the wearing of masks in the business.Customers at Red Ryder Armory in Jacksonville are not permitted to obstruct their faces while inside the establishment.“Florida as f***,” Twitter user Rogue Millennielle wrote on post containing a photo of a door and signage at the armory.“No Mask Allowed Beyond This […]