Iran Releases Insane Propaganda Video Of Militants Killing Trump & Netanyahu – NewsWars

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Iran’s state-run Fars News Agency released a threatening propaganda video on Friday depicting the assassinations of President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The video begins with Iranians learning of the recent death of general Qasem Soleimani before discussing who should be the main target of their retaliation.

“We are going for the big fish. A fish rots from the head down,” an Iranian leader says while images of Trump, Pompeo and Netanyahu appear in the background.

Next, a group of Iranian militants decide it’s time to strike and the top of the U.S. Capitol Building is seen exploding after being struck by an RPG.

Loud screams can be heard as the Iranians storm the White House, guns blazing, and eventually kill POTUS, Pompeo and Netanyahu.

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“Severe revenge awaits the criminals whose impure hands are soiled with his blood,” text in the video reads as the militants stand over Trump’s dead body.

This strange, violent footage comes just a week after Iran and America came close to getting into an all-out war.

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