Iran Warned Iraq Before Missile Strike; Warning Was Passed on to U.S.

Proving that the attack was merely to save face.

Iraq says that it was warned by Iran about last night’s missile attack and that this warning was passed on to the U.S., suggesting that the attack was merely a face saving effort by Tehran.

“Iraq’s prime minister’s office said on Wednesday it had received “an official verbal message” from Iran informing it that a missile attack on US forces stationed on Iraqi soil was imminent,” reported Pakistan’s Dawn News.

According to war correspondent Elijah J. Magnier, Iran told Iraq that it would only target areas of bases under U.S. control.

“Abdel Mahdi warned the Americans who took their precautions before the attack,” commented Magnier.

“Tehran told Washington DC through proxies that it will bomb US bases in Iraq to save face and claim it is a response for killing Soleimani,” another Middle Eastern journalist tweeted. “That’s why the USA emptied its bases hours before the attacks. Zero casualties.”

“Iran warned Iraq by telling them exactly where they’d attack before they fired any missiles last night,” commented Robby Starbuck. “They knew Iraq would in turn warn the United States. The attack was strictly for propaganda purposes. Reality: Iran backed down after the US killed the most evil man in Iran.”

Earlier during his address to the nation, President Trump called for Iran and the U.S. to work together to defeat ISIS and said the U.S. was ready to “embrace peace.”

Iran’s attack, which caused zero casualties, was clearly a face saving effort and an attempt to avoid escalation.

Now Trump has sent a powerful deterrence message by killing Qassem Soleiman, safe in the knowledge that Iran will do little in return.

People on both the left and the anti-Trump right having hysterical panic attacks over “World War 3” have been embarrassed yet again.


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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.