Trump Launches B52s From Diego Garcia, May Strike Iran – Watch Live – NewsWars

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Alex Jones is live for an emergency broadcast as reports come in of possible casualties after Iran reportedly struck a US base in Iraq. B52s have been launched from the Diego Garcia base in the Indian Ocean. Tune in now!

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The War Room: Deep State Attempting to Sabotage Trump’s Foreign Policy, Start World War 3

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It was Infowars that first broke that Hill and McMaster were Soros moles. Tune in live as we reveal an even larger network that’s still operating right under Trump’s nose!

Tune in as we reveal a hidden network inside the State Dept. that’s battling Trump supporters on social media:

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The Military-Industrial Complex wants WWIII.

On this Tuesday transmission of The David Knight Show, learn about the future of the Democrats’ impeachment movement, Trump’s options regarding Iran and much more.

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