U.S. Military Contractor Whose Death Could Spark WW3 ID’ed As Iraqi Migrant

After leaving Americans in the dark for nearly two weeks, it was revealed Wednesday that the US military contractor whose death in Iraq could spark World War III was an Iraqi migrant who was naturalized in 2017 and worked as a translator.

From The Daily Mail, “The man whose death could spark WW3 is buried in Sacramento: Escalation of US-Iran conflict began after death of military contractor dad-of-two, 33, in rocket attack last month”:

The US military contractor who was killed in a rocket attack in Iraq last month has been buried in Northern California after his death ignited a series of reprisals between the U.S. and Iran.

Nawres Waleed Hamid, 33, died on December 27 at a military base near Iraq’s northern city of Kirkuk where he worked as a linguist for Virginia based Valiant Integrated Services.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the details of Trump de-escalating war with Iran, and has a warning for Bolton.

[…] Hamid was born in Iraq, and the couple came to the United States in 2011 while Alkhali was pregnant, she said.

He became a naturalized US citizen in 2017, she added.

Hamid’s death was used by the Trump administration to justify the deadly Dec 29 US airstrikes which killed 25 people in Iraq and Syria and led to this latest surge of conflict in the region.

With all due respect to Hamid and his family, is the death of a US military contractor in a country we’re occupying really worth starting World War III over?

It seems like they’ve been hiding his identity just to keep people from realizing what is really going on here.

Though Trump felt his death was worth avenging, he didn’t carry out any strikes on the Mexican drug cartels who massacred an innocent Mormon family traveling through Mexico.

A 13-year-old American boy was savagely murdered in a cartel attack while traveling with his family to America from Mexico on Saturday but his death elicited no response.

This contractor’s death is obviously just being used as an excuse to start a war with Iran as neocons have been planning for decades.

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