Nevada town hall live: Sanders, Buttigieg and Klobuchar answer questions from 2020 voters

Tonight’s town halls come just days before Nevada voters will head to caucus sites.

In an effort to prevent the same chaos that occurred at the Iowa caucuses, the Nevada State Democratic Party announced new details on changes being made to its presidential caucuses that are focused on calculating and reporting results.

After dropping an app built by the same company whose “coding errors” caused mass confusion in Iowa, the Nevada party created a new tool and consulted with the Department of Homeland Security, the Democratic National Committee and other experts to update their reporting system and two-source reporting verification process.

While the party isn’t calling it an app, precinct chairs will use a “caucus calculator” on party-bought iPads to work out viability and delegate results during the caucuses by adding together caucus results and early vote data into the tool. 

On caucus day, voters will be asked to rank their top three to five choices for president on their ballot, which will be scanned at a processing hub and used at their assigned precinct location on caucus day.

The results from early voting will be included in the caucus calculator and on paper to help precinct chairs include them properly.


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