Dramatic Drone Footage Reveals Ghost Town As Hoboken Residents Shelter

If Hoboken residents shelter-in-place, adhering to strict social distancing rules enforced by New Jersey, then the COVID-19 outbreak might peak around July 31, reported Patch Hoboken, citing a new analysis. 

Columbia University researchers said the best-case scenario is that shuttering of non-essential businesses, closing of education systems, and banning mass gatherings, could support containment efforts. Still, current restrictions would need to be extended through the summer. 

New Jersey issued the stay-at-home statewide public health order on March 21. Gov. Phil Murphy said, “Our social distancing directives are not polite suggestions.” 

“They are there for a reason: to flatten the curve, to cut off the surge” of cases that lead to hospitalization and stress on the state’s health care system,” Murphy continued. 

To get a better sense if people in Hudson County, New Jersey, or more specifically, Hoboken, are following social distancing rules, we turn to a new app called “Social Distancing Scoreboard,” which tracks the GPS location of smartphones in a geographical area, to monitor if people are following the public health order. The app gave Hudson County/ Hoboken an “A” for its residents following the new health measures.

With that being said, YouTube account Mingomatic provides new aerial coverage of Hoboken that shows how the area has transformed into a ghost town during the pandemic. 

Several days ago, Mingomatic posted a video of Newark Avenue in Jersey City that showed the area was empty. 

Life has come to a standstill for millions of people in New Jersey and New York amid a worsening virus crisis. 


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