My Pillow’s Mike Lindell On The Private Sector Stepping-Up To Help The Country

On the Friday interview edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast we talk with the founder of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, about how his company is stepping up to help the country during this pandemic. We also play a call with a medical technician from a Baltimore hospital where was get a front-line report on ventilators and what it’s like being in the battle against coronavirus. Plus, CNN is ready to propagandize for Joe Biden, which is a nice change from their propagandizing for China.

Listen to the show:

CNN has organized a town hall for Joe Biden to discuss how he would handle the coronavirus pandemic. It’s complete propaganda considering he has no say over anything and there’s no way to test what he says. But Joe has so disappeared from the national stage that every little bit of publicity helps. The question is: will he be coherent throughout it?

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We talk to a medical technician from Baltimore whose job it is to intubate patients and hook them up to respirators. We get a first-hand report from the front-lines of the pandemic.

Then we talk with Mike Lindell, founder of My Pillow, about how he’s mobilized his company to manufacture medical masks to help with shortages and how so many companies are stepping up to help when the country needs it most. We also discuss his new autobiography “What Are The Odds?” about his journey from crack addict to CEO of one of the most successful companies in America.

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