Did Bill Gates-Backed Coronavirus ‘Experts’ Lie To Trump To Induce Shutdown? — Watch Live – NewsWars

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In this LIVE Monday broadcast of American Countdown, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes breaks down how the government models backed by globalist vaccine advocate Bill Gates grossly misrepresented the real coronavirus numbers, possibly to shut down the economy and damage President Trump ahead of 2020. Journalist Jordan Schachtel joins the show to discuss the real numbers behind the overblown coronavirus projections and what Trump can do to turn the looming economic downturn around.

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The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s model for April 5th showed that more than a quarter million hospital beds, and 40,000 ICU beds would be needed.

But the IHME’s model was revised Sunday, showing that approximately 22,158 hospital beds were needed, and ICU beds 5,207 were used, indicating the initial model overestimated the projections by 8X and 6.4X.

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