Trump says that there could be a shortage of ventilators

When pressed by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond at the White House coronavirus task force briefing as to whether there will be a shortage of ventilators in some cases, Trump said there “could be” as the country enters a critical phase in the fight against the pandemic.

“Could be. I mean, it could be you have shortages, and it could also be that you have some that have way overestimated the number of ventilators they need,” Trump said, referring to the number of ventilators states have to combat the virus.

“We have a good amount ready to move. I mean, literally, like an army, they’re ready to move to any hot spot,” Trump said.

The President also added that they can move ventilators from places that won’t be hit badly to those areas harder hit by the virus.

“What we’re doing is we have a very good plan to take from some areas, even though we have the 10 or almost the 10,000, we’re also taking from areas that won’t be as badly hit as today we think they will be. There will be some areas hit harder than we think.” Trump said.

Trump reiterated his belief that states should have been building their reserve of ventilators.

“But a lot of hospitals, a lot of states had the chance of getting ventilators and they turned those ventilators down for — so they could spend the money on something else, and in a way, I understand that because who thinks a thing like this? It’s not a knock,” Trump said.

Vice President Mike Pence said that supplies, including ventilators, are being prioritized to coronavirus hot spots.

“Our team at FEMA is doing remarkable job working with governors, state health officials and local hospitals. Particularly focused on our priority areas. We’ll prefer the New York metro area, which includes New Jersey and Connecticut. We’re focused on the New Orleans metro area in Louisiana. We’re focusing on Detroit, we’re focusing on Chicago. These are the areas where we see the significant rise in cases. And we are surging supplies, specifically ventilators, but all personal protective equipment from FEMA to those areas,” Pence said.


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