UK government REMOVES China from its official coronavirus death toll comparison

Amid global outrage at Beijing’s ‘cover-up’ and disbelief that the country has only had 4,636 deaths.

Downing Street has removed China from the list of other countries it uses to compare the spread of the coronavirus – in a snub to Beijing amid widespread anger at the nation’s apparent cover-up of the seriousness of its coronavirus outbreak.

It is another diplomatic attack on China in the wake of Donald Trump’s accusations that the World Health Organisation (WHO) colluded with Beijing to downplay its coronavirus outbreak, and global disbelief over China’s claim to have only 4,636 dead from the virus.

The people of Wuhan believe the death toll in their city that was the epicentre of the outbreak is 42,000 – not the 3,182 claimed by China.

In America, the Trump administration is ramping up its attacks on Beijing – blaming President Xi’s government for letting COVID-19 spread across the globe unchecked while the Communist regime saved face.

Federal agencies confirm Chinese & CDC test kits contaminated.

Trump is backed by large numbers of Republican politicians amid claims from the US intelligence community that the virus escaped from a lab near Wuhan in an accident involving an intern.

Trump has suspended $500million in US funding for the WHO after claiming it had ‘accelerated’ the deadly contagion because chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus initially swallowed China’s claims that coronavirus was not transmissible between humans.

There is also global outrage at Chinese officials for waiting six days to warn the public after becoming aware that a viral outbreak was causing a rash of deadly pneumonia cases in Wuhan.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.