‘Lockdown Lunacy’: Nigel Farage Visited by Police Officers After Reporting on Illegal Boat Migrants

“They had received a complaint that I had been to Dover to report on the illegal migrant scandal taking place.”

Brexit leader Nigel Farage was visited by police officers Monday, warning him to observe the “essential travel” rules after he reported on illegal boat migrants arriving in Dover.

On Monday, Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage went to the port at Dover and filmed the Border Force bringing a group of migrants “including a very young baby” to shore.

Yet after continuing his work as a politician-turned-journalist to expose the “scandal” of Britain’s borders remaining open at a time where the rest of the country is closed, Mr Farage said that “two police officers just knocked on my door to advise me on essential travel.”

“They had received a complaint that I had been to Dover to report on the illegal migrant scandal taking place,” Farage said, adding: “What a total waste of time and money.”

We’re in this together!

The national lockdown measures that were imposed on the country allow exceptions to the restriction of movement for certain key workers including “journalists and broadcasters who are providing public service broadcasting.”

Police forces across the country have been accused of overzealous enforcement of the national lockdown. Last week, it was revealed that the Crown Prosecution Service will review every charge, conviction, and sentence that have been brought under the Coronavirus Act following a string of wrongful convictions.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.