We are Looking at a Country in Desperation


As Trump brings out more military presence and threatens to deploy active-duty U.S. Troops to squash protests, CNN’s Don Lemon watches protesters at the White House clashing with the new forces and wonders why the President of the United States won’t listen to the Americans literally at his doorstep screaming to be heard: “The people who are out here yelling at the top of their voices, fighting back against police, protesting, they’re desperate to be heard. They’re desperate to get food on the table. They’re desperate to be treated equally under the law. Many of them are desperate to find employment with a pandemic and being shutdown for months. They are desperate to be heard. This president is desperate to try and to keep some kind of order and desperate to be reelected come November and now you have these two forces that are clashing. What I hear in the President’s voice, and this is just what I hear, I hear fear — anytime you are saying you guys are weak, you need to apply force. What are you going to do put a fortress around the White House, put a fortress around America and not engage with the people who are outside of your door screaming: ‘Hey we need to be heard. Listen to us’ … The way to stop this is to engage with the people who are screaming at the top of their lungs for you to pay attention. You represent these people who are outside of your door desperate to be heard … These are Americans. Your constituents. There is a very simple solution to this, listen to the people and that could have been solved a long time ago — if you just listen and engage the people who are so desperate for you to pay attention to them, to include them.”

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