Woman Triggered Over Confederate Flag Towel Gets Schooled By Black Military Vet

‘Why am I arguing with a man of color about this flag?’

Video from a beach in Evanston, Illinois shows a woman confronting a group of white people for sporting a confederate flag towel before a bystander sets her straight.

The footage begins with a black woman telling the group the confederate beach towel makes her uncomfortable when a black man interrupts, asking her, “Let’s not do this.”

“People have the right to have an opinion,” the man told the woman behind the camera. “Leave them alone.”

Likely confused to hear a fellow black person disagree with them, the woman asked, “Why am I arguing with a man of color about this flag?”

He quickly responded, “Because I fucking fought to defend this flag.”

At this point, one of the white men in the group with the towel walked over and shook the hand of the black man standing up for their right to free speech.

“What have you done for this country?” the veteran asked the woman filming, adding, “Nothing. People like you don’t do shit for this country.”

The woman who posted the video to Twitter said she was “shaking” after watching the footage.

“Fuck. I am shaking right now. A college friend was just live on FB confronting a group of white people at Lighthouse Beach in Evanston (IL) that had a Confederate flag on display. She’s a Black public school teacher & drove down when she saw the flag posted on social media.”

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