Antifa/BLM Shut Down By Austin & State Police, Prevented From Carrying Out Planned Violence

Threats of snipers on roofs and gun trucks by far-left agitators to establish autonomous zone compelled state and local authorities to strongly respond.

Groups of Antifa and Black Lives Matter agitators were shut down and arrested by state and local officials on Saturday after threatening to deploy sniper teams and using gun trucks in downtown Austin, Texas, to establish a CHAZ-like autonomous zone in the area.

Over 200 police officers, some in riot gear, or riding horses and bicycles, were deployed in Texas’ capital city in a bid to minimize the far-left rioting and vandalism that was planned as part of an anti-police march.

Footage from the ground, including exclusive Infowars coverage, shows the overwhelming response by the police, who split the protesting Antifa/BLM group and established control over the downtown streets.

According to local news, about 20 people were arrested or detained before midnight.

The effective response by law enforcement, which included over 500 Department of Texas Safety support officers in addition to the hundreds of Austin police, left the far-left groups splintered and demoralized.

The confrontations died down by 1:30AM once police had completely secured the area.

As Infowars first reported, the massive police presence was prompted by internal intelligence memos outlining Antifa’s plans to deploy sniper teams on rooftops, their use of gun trucks to patrol the streets, and explosives to use against the Austin Police Department building.





Alex Jones and Dr. Steve Pieczenik break down the far-left’s plan to take over downtown Austin and establish another “autonomous zone.”

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