As Downtown Chicago is Looted, Mayor Complains About Social Distancing

Lori Lightfoot yet to address last night’s criminality.

Lori Lightfoot is yet to address last night’s riots and looting in Chicago, although the Mayor did make a point of complaining about people at a lakefront not properly social distancing.

Downtown Chicago was ransacked by hundreds of looters last night who targeted luxury department stores in response to the police shooting of an armed criminal suspect in Englewood.

After police tried to regain control of the area, they were attacked by the mob, illustrated by the video below which shows an officer taking a blow to the head from a large object thrown at him.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lightfoot appeared to be more concerned about visitors to Montrose Beach being too close to one another.

“It’s called a pandemic, people. This reckless behavior on Montrose Beach is what will cause us to shut down the parks and lakefront. Don’t make us take steps backwards,” tweeted Lightfoot.

“In case you were wondering, I stopped by to see for myself. It’s being addressed,” she added.

One wonders what, if anything, Lightfoot will be doing to address last night’s wanton criminality.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Chicago previously marched on Lightfoot’s house, demanding she defund the police and order the removal of the city’s Christopher Columbus statues.


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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.