ABC News Breaks Mainstream Media Blackout Of Hunter Biden Story

For the last two weeks, big tech and media allies have been dreaming up every excuse imaginable to continue censoring the Hunter Biden stories

Last night, after a 16-day blackout, Twitter finally relented and released the NY Post’s account from ‘Twitter jail’, punishment for the paper’s work publishing stories about Hunter Biden’s financial dealings in Ukraine and China. Some of the emails clearly contradicted Hunter Biden father’s claims that he had never discussed business with his son.

On the contrary, it was later revealed, Joe Biden was “the big man”, a “Godfather”-like figure overseeing the business dealings of his son, and his brother, Jim Biden, from a relatively safe distance. As former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski affirmed, the Bidens saw Hunter’s dealings abroad as part and parcel of the family business. “They were putting the Biden name on the line,” Bobulinski said.

For the last two weeks, big tech and their allies in the mainstream media have been dreaming up every excuse imaginable to continue censoring the Hunter Biden stories. Meanwhile, a network of conservative blogs led by a new Chinese news site called G-News have released an unceasing stream of pornographic images purporting to show Hunter Biden using drugs and engaging in sexual acts.

But after Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai were dragged in front of a Senate Committee this week and mercilessly pounded by Ted Cruz, followed by a historic selloff in Twitter shares on Friday, it seems the entire mainstream media ecosystem has finally run out of excuses, and just like that, Hunter Biden and the issue of foreign corruption exposing the former VP to international blackmail is back on the table.

In a video report, ABC New’ Tom Llamas confronts Biden in person and lobs several hardball questions about the Hunter Biden scandal. Did Joe Biden allow his son to earn millions in shady deals in foreign countries.

“It’s a question we tried to ask repeatedly…but kept getting blocked.”

The questions were about deals involving Hunter Biden in countries where his father was “working as America’s top diplomat”.

Delving deeper into the backstory than any mainstream media report we’ve seen, ABC explains how Joe Biden was dispatched to Kiev to fight the “cancer of corruption” as civil war broke out.

But then something strange happened: “just three weeks later, a Ukrainian national gas company, Burisma, which had been accused of corruption, promotes Hunter Biden to its board, and paid his firm millions of dollars a year.”

Llamas pointed out that the younger Biden had just been discharged from the Navy reserves for testing positive for cocaine, and that although he had sat on corporate boards before, he had no experience in the natural gas business.

What’s worse, the stab in the back from ABC News comes as the Biden Campaign is sounding a “red alert” over the Black and Latino vote.

Watch the full report below:

It’s difficult to understate what ABC News has done here: With one five-minute segment, they have broken the mainstream media blackout on the Hunter Biden story, with just days to go before the election.

Will ABC News be the James Comey of 2020? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.