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The New York Police Department is preparing for widespread protests “growing in size, frequency, and intensity” over the presidential election and the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, according to a memo obtained by the New York Post.

In it, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea warns “this November 3rd will be the one of the most highly contested presidential elections in the modem era,” adding that there is a “strong likelihood” that the winner won’t be declared for several weeks.

All uniformed officers of every rank will be expected to “perform duty in the uniform of the day and be prepared for deployment” beginning October 25 – whole officers who don’t typically wear uniforms, such as detectives, are being told to have their uniform and equipment on hand.

In fact, Americans around the country are similarly anticipating unrest surrounding the election, according to Reuters.

Some people are planning foreign vacations around Election Day or heading to rural retreats. Others have bought guns for defense. Firearm sales hit a monthly record of 3.9 million in June, according to FBI data. Ammunition for AR-15-style rifles is on back order in states like Washington and Colorado.

“I bought an AK-47,” said a Denver-based lawyer who identified himself as Ewing, and asked that his full name not be used. “The ammo is inexpensive and I can still get it.” –Reuters (via Yahoo!)

Another factor in New York City not mentioned in Shea’s letter is the growing unrest among Hasidic Jews protesting coronavirus restrictions in the streets by the hundreds despite Governor Andrew Cuomo’s edict that houses of worship located in so-called ‘red zones’ where COVID-19 is spreading most rapidly are limited to 25% capacity, or a maximum of 10 people. In the city’s “orange zones,” it’s limited to 33 percent capacity, while “yellow zones” are at 50 percent.

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Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood, where themostly Orthodox male gathering burned masks in the street.

In short, be prepared for anything.

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