VIDEO: Biden Supporter Harasses Elderly Woman At Republican Office In Mesa County, Colorado

Liberal agitator shouts left-wing conspiracy theories at visibly afraid senior citizen while brandishing a cellphone camera

Security camera footage from the Republican Party offices in Mesa County, Colorado show a middle-aged man barging through the front door to shout poorly pronounced Russian phrases at an elderly woman behind the front desk, while brandishing a cell phone camera and declaring he is a “free American.”

After coming through the doorway, the balding intruder leaves the door ajar while waving a phone around and harassing the senior citizen receptionist.

“I’m learning Russian in case Trump tries to steal the election again,” the man says, repeating discredited Democrat Party talking points.

“Excuse me, you do know you’re in a public office?” the receptionist asks.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m speakin’ Russian,” the man says while continuing to put his phone as close as possible to nearby Republican signage.

When the elderly woman again asks the intruder to leave, saying “we don’t want any trouble,” the man shouts back, “I don’t want any trouble either, I’m just lookin’ around. I’m a free American.”

Joe Biden is just a gaffe machine…

The Mesa County Republican Party posted their footage of the incident to Facebook Friday, accompanied by the caption, “Share, spread, and shame! This is security footage from our office earlier today. Is this the kind of behavior Democrats in Mesa County now condone?”

“The Biden/Harris campaign along with the media has riled up their leftist base to harbor an unprecedented level of hatred for all Americans who don’t agree with them, and the result is jerks like this who think it is now okay to harass women who are minding their own business,” the caption added.

Colorado has become a hotbed for violent left-wing activity in recent months.

In September, an adult female assaulted a twelve-year-old boy because of his family’s Trump 2020 lawn sign, attempting to steal the sign while striking the child “four or five times on the back of the head and arm before scratching her victim.”

An even more severe attack occurred in August when a black man attacked a white man with a knife while screaming “Black Lives Matter,”sending the victim to the hospital.

Most recently, an anti-Trump activist who bragged about harassing Trump supporters in person shot and killed a pro-America activist in Denver while employed as a security for local left-wing outlet 9News.

An eyewitness to the killing told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the Denver killer “huddled” with a 9News producer and an aggressive  Black lives Matter agitator moments before the fatal shot was fired.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.