Georgia Secretary of State Certifies Election in Joe Biden’s Favor

Decision comes despite thousands of uncounted ballots discovered in several counties.

On Friday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger declared Joe Biden the winner by 12,000 votes, handing him the state’s 16 electoral college votes despite thousands of uncounted ballots discovered by a hand count of ballots in several counties.

In a public statement, Raffensperger who described himself as a “proud Trump supporter,” claimed he was disappointed Trump did not emerge as the victor.

A statement from Raffensperger’s office stated “the statewide consolidated returns for state and federal offices are a true and correct tabulation of the certified returns received by this office for each county.”

“With the certification, the two-business-day time period begins for a candidate who lost by less than 0.5% of the vote to request a recount. Certification does not preclude the state from continuing any current investigations related to the General Election or from pursuing any future allegations that may arise from these elections.”


Recently, voter irregularities were observed in several Georgia counties following a hand recount, which led to the discovery of thousands of uncounted ballots in Floyd, Fayette, Walton and DeKalb counties.

On Thursday, President Trump railed against the recount, arguing illegal votes need to be discarded, signatures should be matched, and state lawmakers need to address the thousands of uncounted ballots.

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