Jennifer Rubin Praises Joe Biden’s “Center-Right” Nominees For Top WH Positions

WaPo columnist gaslights pro-war Obama and Hillary lackeys as “center-right” picks GOP shouldn’t “gripe” about

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin heaped praise on Joe Biden for choosing a “flock” of “center-right nominees” for top positions, who are in reality a bunch of neocons and Democrats.

“President-elect Joe Biden has selected a flock of experienced, center-right nominees for top positions — progressive enough to reassure most Democrats and reasonable enough to impress conservative policy wonks,” Rubin tweeted Monday.

In her included op-ed, Rubin started off shilling for a couple of Obama-era Democrats Biden reprised for his economic team, Cecilia Rouse for Council of Economic Advisers, and Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve.

“Cecilia Rouse, Biden’s pick to lead the Council of Economic Advisers, drew raves from sensible conservatives,” Rubin said, citing the pro-Iraq War American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Like Rouse, she cited AEI praising Yellen for being someone “who knows her way around Washington as well as around the corridors of power abroad.”

Rubin then exalted Democrat Neera Tanden, Biden’s pick for Office of Management and Budget, noting that the former Obama and Clinton underling is “pro-capitalism.”

“She is a card-carrying member of the pro-capitalism wing of the party,” Rubin wrote, as if that fact would reassure conservatives.

Additionally, Tanden is a rabid “Russia collusion” conspiracy theorist.

Rubin finished off her shill piece by lauding Biden’s “internationalist” foreign policy picks, former Obama and Clinton advisor Jake Sullivan and pro-China Democrat Antony Blinken, claiming their “traditional, mainstream foreign policy” of endless wars was “embraced by conservatives and liberals alike.”

“Likewise, Biden’s foreign policy picks — including Jake Sullivan as national security adviser and Antony Blinken as secretary of state, both advocates of a traditional, mainstream foreign policy — were embraced by conservatives and liberals alike,” Rubin wrote.

“As pro-NATO, pro-human-rights internationalists, these appointments align much more closely with the foreign policy framework of George H.W. Bush than of isolationists on the right and left.”

Rubin added that these former Obama and Clinton officials wouldn’t hinder Biden’s far-left agenda.

“None of this means that the Biden administration will shy away from progressive goals, such as strengthening Obamacare, expanding green energy or pushing for police and criminal justice reform,” she noted.

In sum, Rubin thinks the Republican Party shouldn’t “gripe” about Biden’s collection of pro-endless war Obama and Clinton minions retaking control of the country for Biden to enact his far-left agenda.



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