Joe Biden Keeps Lead in Georgia After Recount; Giuliani Says Recount ‘Means Nothing’

Most counties did not see changes in their final tallies

The Georgia secretary of state announced Thursday the completion of the state’s hand recount of votes cast in the 2020 presidential election and affirmed former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead.

The recount, which consisted of a full manual tally of all five million votes cast, began November 13, per the secretary of state’s office. The office is required to certify the results by Friday.

Initial results found Biden ahead of President Donald Trump by about 14,000 votes. The recount found Biden ahead by 12,284 votes. The secretary of state’s office said the variation in the results was anticipated.

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“The differential of the audit results from the original machine counted results is well within the expected margin of human error that occurs when hand-counting ballots,” Ben Adida, executive director of VotingWorks, said in the secretary of state’s announcement. The secretary of state cited a study finding that “hand counting of votes in postelection audit or recount procedures can result in error rates of up to 2 percent.”

The office reported that in Georgia’s recount, the highest error rate in any county recount was .73 percent and said most counties did not see changes in their final tallies.

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